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By Arborcare, Sep 17 2018 02:17AM

Hi, We have tenants in our family home while we are off dairy farming. The house is located in a residential street in Dargaville. Contact Adrianne Astley Roper and Jones for access for quoting and work in the first instance. Please send quote to us. Access to the front garden is from the road, or front vehicle turn-around area; and the rear garden via the side driveway. The back yard has a courtyard around the house and an upper terrace accessed via an earth ramp (foot access/wheelbarrow access only) The yard has extensive amenity, shelter and fruiting trees which require a careful prune to maintain shelter, branch structure for fruiting, shade and privacy. The tenants haven't the experience necessary to prune particularly the fruit trees. We would like all prunings mulched onsite onto the existing gardens 1. Rear terrace - shape prune fruit trees to promote fruiting - we have pruned these as dwarfs in the past (plum, apple, peach, feijoa, guava, sweet orange); prune shelter planting to thicken up (pittosporum, orchard bamboo, coprosma,); tidy prune for access. 2. Rear house courtyard - canopy shape prune kowhai, jacaranda, olive, albizzia (only if need it otherwise leave); remove Albizzia in the brick planter and stump paint; side trim Griselinia boundary hedge. Feijoa/guava hedge alongside entry deck to main door needs a good shear to maintain shape against edge of deck. 3. North drive side boundary trees - shape prune only, but maintain shade, shelter and privacy function. Albizzia, Olive. Crown lift Pohutukawa. Front garden - Trim to create denser shrubs - Hibiscus, akeake, Viburnum Fruit tree - citrus and peach need pruning for fruit promotion (hard on peach) Check canopy height in relation to power lines. Front bank is a good place to fire the mulched prunings. Not on quote anything else you notice requiring work, note as extra. Cheers Andrew and Lyn

By Arborcare, Sep 17 2018 02:12AM

Hi it is only a small job, we require the trimming about 1/3 of a smallish maple tree plus 4 x bottlebrush = tidy up of pohutakawa we have council approval to trim it needs a tidy up of a few bottom branches if possible we would like a quote would removal of all branches be possible thanks

By Arborcare, Sep 17 2018 02:05AM

Hi there

Further to our phone conversation this morning I require a qyuote for works at 6 Karoro Road One Tree Point. The property is currently tenanted and the contact details of the tenant is Mau 0277772682.

I have provided photos of works that will be required as a guideline as I dont know if tenants will be home.

But basically the work involves :

1. Trimming the feijoa hedge our side and top. Feijoa hedge needs taking down to level it was done previously ( 2 years ago).

2. Tidying up tree at front of house and removing and cleaning up tree waste at front.

The tenants should know what is required. Any problems you can ring me on 0272907718.

Kind Regards

By Arborcare, Sep 17 2018 02:02AM

Hi Scott

I have some tree work to be done and wondered how soon you could come. The hedge needs a good cut and there’s a maple near the house which has seen better days. I think it’s time for it to go, and I’d also like the stump removed. I would need to be here to point out the trees on the bank that need cutting. I’m also considering taking out one of the large acmenas by the pool if it can be done without it falling in the pool. So, lots to do!

I’m pleased to say the camellias grew back better than ever. I wish now I had cut them a little lower – maybe next time!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


By Arborcare, Sep 17 2018 01:53AM

Hi Scott / June Can you quote on trimming and mulching some monkey apple trees at the back of our section down to roughly 2 metres the trees are at the back right hand side as to come off the road, also do you trim bamboo if so on left of our section is some Bamboo that we would like cut back to the boundary approximately 2 metres in You can leave the mulch on the section behind the tractor on the side of the house not sure if you can mulch bamboo? If it helps I am onsite this Friday morning Regards Hugh

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