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At Arborcare Tree Maintenance, we pride ourselves on a friendly, professional service.  Call today to arrange a free, no obligation quote!


We offer stump removal as a stand-alone service, or we can include it in your tree removal quote.  Grinding is a fast and economical way of removing unwanted stumps and roots to reinstate your outdoor spaces.


We have a range of mechanical grinders to allow for fast and efficient removal of any stump sizes

no matter where they are located!:


                                                      •   A small wheeled grinder

                                                      •   A powerful tracked grinder

                                                      •   A grinding head that mounts to our 4 tonne digger


We may be able to give you an indication over the phone but if not, we can arrange a convenient time to come and inspect the stumps you need removed, and give you an accurate quote. "